Sperm Donation Procedure & Cost in California

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IVF Treatment using Donor Sperm

Sperm donation

Sperm donation is a great option for cases of male factor infertility where the sperm is unable to fertilize healthy eggs, or rovide extensive information on the sperm donors’ background and history. The donated sperm samples can be used to fertilize eggs through intrauterine insemination (IUI), or through IVF as needed. Dr. Dan will discuss all the options with you to decide which is the best choice.

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    You’ll go through diagnostic testing to see what the cause of your infertility is. Depending on the results, IVF may not be necessary or feasible, or the doctor might recommend alternative treatments to start.

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    The doctor will review your diagnosis with you and discuss your treatment options. If you decide to use IVF, our doctor and staff will go over the entire process in easy-to-understand terms. Then, a staff member will go over the financial side of the IVF process with you.

    Our goal in these consultations is to empower you with information and a feeling of trust and comfort. Once all your questions are answered, we’ll schedule each component of the process.

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    You will work with a sperm donor bank to identify the donor that best suits you. Our care coordinator will guide you through every aspect of this process.

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    We will then proceed with the steps to retrieve your eggs and then fertilize them with donor sperm in our laboratory.