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IVF Surrogacy in California

Gestational surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy, IVF surrogacy, or surrogate pregnancy is where a surrogate agrees to carry a pregnancy for a couple that cannot carry their baby themselves. This could be because of health conditions that prevent an individual from carrying the baby in their uterus, for single male parents, or for same-sex or transgender couples where neither partner has a uterus. The embryo carried by the gestational surrogate can come from your and your partner’s eggs and sperm, or from donor eggs and/or donor sperm, depending on the situation.

If the embryo is coming from you and your partner, then you will go through almost all of the IVF process to develop, retrieve, and fertilize the eggs. Once the embryos have developed, they will be screened for genetic conditions, and the healthiest and most viable embryos will be transferred to your surrogate. The surrogate carries the pregnancy and delivers your healthy, happy baby.

Our surrogate partner program will help you through the whole process, from choosing a surrogate to completing the required paperwork and legal documents. California is a surrogacy-friendly state, and IVF surrogacy is a beautiful way to grow your family.

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    Depending on your reason for choosing IVF, you’ll go through diagnostic testing to see what the cause of your infertility is. Depending on the results, IVF may not be necessary or feasible, or the doctor might recommend alternative treatments to start.

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    The doctor will review your diagnosis with you and discuss your treatment options. If you decide to use IVF, our doctor and staff will go over the entire process in easy-to-understand terms. Then, a staff member will go over the financial side of the IVF process with you.

    Our goal in these consultations is to empower you with information and a feeling of trust and comfort. Once all your questions are answered, we’ll schedule each component of the process.

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    Our partner surrogacy agency will help you to match with a surrogate mom.

    We will then introduce you to attorneys who will guide you through the legal process to finalize the surrogate mom and grant you legal custody of the child after birth.