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    Oma Fertility Announces Shared Egg Freezing Program, Furthering Commitment to Make Parenthood Possible for More People

    Patients who freeze their eggs with Oma and donate a portion to the Oma Egg Donor Program will receive the entire procedure at no cost

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    by Oma Fertility
    • Jan 17, 2023
    • 3 min read

      He Sold His Last Company For Millions And Now Raised $38 Million To Identify The Best Sperm With AI And Improve IVF Outcomes

      On the Dealmakers Show Singh shared his fundraising experiences, how he has grown two successful companies, the biggest mistake that startups are making, and why you should start with marketing first.

      Alejandro Cremades
      by Alejandro Cremades, Cofounder, Panthera Advisors
      • Jan 15, 2023
      • 8 min read

        Using Machine Learning & AI to Choose the Best Sperm, and Make Fertility Treatments More Accessible & Efficient

        Hear how Oma Fertility has created an innovative technology stack and business model to automate parts of the fertility journey and make treatments more affordable to more people.

        Jon Shooshani
        by Jon Shooshani, Cofounder, JOON
        • Dec 9, 2022
        • 50 min read

          Oma Fertility Partners with Alto Pharmacy to Further Personalize Fertility Care

          Partnership provides Oma’s patients with Alto’s top-of-the-line services: affordable drug prices, free same-day prescription delivery and telehealth support

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          by Oma Fertility
          • Dec 6, 2022
          • 5 min read

            Fast Company's Next Big Things In Tech 2022

            From AR-assisted surgery to smart soybean plants to fairer algorithms, these breakthroughs are shaping the future of multiple industries, in ways that will benefit us all.

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            by Fast Company
            • Nov 17, 2022
            • 6 min read

              Oma Fertility Named to Fast Company’s Second Annual List of the Next Big Things in Tech

              Oma Sperm InSight Recognized As Tech Breakthroughs That Promise to Transform the Future

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              by Oma Fertility
              • Nov 17, 2022
              • 3 min read

                Oma Fertility Expands Executive Team with Key New Hires, Strengthening Company’s Position as Leader in Fertility Care

                Oma has filled the central roles of Chief Financial Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Vice President of Human Resources and Vice President of Clinical Operations

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                by Oma Fertility
                • Nov 15, 2022
                • 3 min read

                  Oma Fertility Co-founder & CEO Gurjeet Singh

                  In this Q&A, Gurjeet Singh shares how identifying healthy reproductive cells with AI-driven technologies improves IVF efficacy, lowers costs, and makes the dream of parenthood a reality for more people.

                  by Fitt Insider
                  • Oct 27, 2022
                  • 6 min read

                    34 of the Most Promising Women's Health Startups of 2022, According to VCs

                    Insider asked top investors to nominate the most promising women's health startups they'd come across, both within and outside their portfolios. Here are their picks, including Oma Fertility.

                    by Stephanie Palazzolo and Samantha Stokes
                    • Oct 17, 2022
                    • 3 min read

                      Oma Fertility Announces New Agency Partners to Further Mission to Make Parenthood Possible for More People

                      Oma Fertility to collaborate with Fuseproject, DDB Chicago, Jack Taylor and Toast Media Group who will help fuel nationwide expansion and category leadership

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                      by Oma Fertility
                      • Oct 11, 2022
                      • 4 min read

                      Expect better.

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                        What is Oma Fertility doing with $37.5M?

                        Griffin Jones hosts Gurjeet Singh and Sahil Gupta, founders of Oma Fertility and Oma Robotics, to discuss their plans for utilizing $37.5 M in venture capital. Who will have access to the tech? How much automation can they bring to the industry?

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                        by Inside Reproductive Health
                        • Oct 2, 2022
                        • 60 min read

                          New Expansion: Oma Fertility

                          Oma Fertility, a California-based fertility clinic, has acquired New York Reproductive Wellness Fertility Clinic.

                          by Maya Kaufman
                          • Sep 16, 2022
                          • 1 min read

                            Oma Fertility Kicks Off National Expansion in the U.S. with the Acquisition of New York Reproductive Wellness

                            Acquisition offers embryologists access to Oma Fertility’s proprietary AI technology, provide patients with an enhanced clinic experience, and will make fertility services, including in IVF and egg freezing services accessible to more parents to-be.

                            Femtech Insider
                            by Femtech insider
                            • Sep 14, 2022
                            • 3 min read

                              Oma Fertility Expands Services to the Greater New York Region with Acquisition of New York Reproductive Wellness Fertility Clinic

                              New York Reproductive Wellness (NYRW) Doctors and Patients Will Have Access to Oma Fertility’s Core Offerings including Proprietary AI Technology and Human-Centered Care

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                              by Oma Fertility
                              • Sep 13, 2022
                              • 3 min read

                                Innovators Worth Watching: Oma Fertility

                                Christensen Institute names Oma Fertility an innovator worth watching.

                                christensen institute
                                by Ann Somers Hogg
                                • Aug 25, 2022
                                • 3 min read

                                  Gurjeet Singh of Oma Robotics: Five Things You Need To Create A Highly Successful Startup

                                  After learning of friends who’d been through six unsuccessful cycles of IVF, which landed them in over $250K of debt and ultimately bankruptcy, Gurjeet Singh partnered with Sahil Gupta and Kiran Joshi to launch Oma Fertility where he serves as CEO.

                                  by Tyler Gallagher
                                  • Jul 14, 2022
                                  • 5 min read

                                    How Oma Fertility Uses A.I. to Improve IVF Outcomes

                                    Gurjeet Singh, CEO of Oma Fertility, joins Cheddar Innovates to discuss how they are using artificial intelligence to improve IVF outcomes and reduce costs.

                                    by Alicia Nieves
                                    • Jul 7, 2022
                                    • 6 min read

                                      The future of fertility treatment

                                      Oma Fertility CEO Gurjeet Singh discusses his company’s utilization of AI for IVF treatment on ‘Mornings with Maria.’

                                      Fox Business logo
                                      by Maria Bartiromo
                                      • Jun 30, 2022
                                      • 5 min read

                                        Oma Fertility Launches with $37.5M in Funding to Improve IVF Outcomes Through AI-Enabled, Empathetic Care

                                        Oma Fertility was founded in 2020 by a team of engineers, AI experts, and fertility specialists who believe that combining AI and robotics in the lab and human-centered care in the clinic will make parenthood possible for more people.

                                        Femtech Insider
                                        by Femtech insider
                                        • Jun 20, 2022
                                        • 3 min read

                                          Oma Fertility Leverages AI with a Goal of Improving In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Success Rates and Lowering Costs, Setting a New Standard for Fertility Care

                                          Exclusive AI-assisted processes in the lab have a goal of improving IVF outcomes and dramatically reducing costs

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                                          by Oma Fertility
                                          • Jun 14, 2022
                                          • 3 min read

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