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    New Expansion: Oma Fertility

    Oma Fertility, a California-based fertility clinic, has acquired New York Reproductive Wellness Fertility Clinic.

    by Maya Kaufman
    • Sep 16, 2022
    • 1 min read

      Oma Fertility Kicks Off National Expansion in the U.S. with the Acquisition of New York Reproductive Wellness

      Acquisition offers embryologists access to Oma Fertility’s proprietary AI technology, provide patients with an enhanced clinic experience, and will make fertility services, including in IVF and egg freezing services accessible to more parents to-be.

      Femtech Insider
      by Femtech insider
      • Sep 14, 2022
      • 3 min read

        Oma Fertility Expands Services to the Greater New York Region with Acquisition of New York Reproductive Wellness Fertility Clinic

        New York Reproductive Wellness (NYRW) Doctors and Patients Will Have Access to Oma Fertility’s Core Offerings including Proprietary AI Technology and Human-Centered Care

        O Logo Black
        by Oma Fertility
        • Sep 13, 2022
        • 3 min read

          Innovators Worth Watching: Oma Fertility

          Christensen Institute names Oma Fertility an innovator worth watching.

          christensen institute
          by Ann Somers Hogg
          • Aug 25, 2022
          • 3 min read

            Gurjeet Singh of Oma Robotics: Five Things You Need To Create A Highly Successful Startup

            After learning of friends who’d been through six unsuccessful cycles of IVF, which landed them in over $250K of debt and ultimately bankruptcy, Gurjeet Singh partnered with Sahil Gupta and Kiran Joshi to launch Oma Fertility where he serves as CEO.

            by Tyler Gallagher
            • Jul 14, 2022
            • 5 min read

              How Oma Fertility Uses A.I. to Improve IVF Outcomes

              Gurjeet Singh, CEO of Oma Fertility, joins Cheddar Innovates to discuss how they are using artificial intelligence to improve IVF outcomes and reduce costs.

              by Alicia Nieves
              • Jul 7, 2022
              • 6 min read

                The future of fertility treatment

                Oma Fertility CEO Gurjeet Singh discusses his company’s utilization of AI for IVF treatment on ‘Mornings with Maria.’

                Fox Business logo
                by Maria Bartiromo
                • Jun 30, 2022
                • 5 min read

                  Oma Fertility Launches with $37.5M in Funding to Improve IVF Outcomes Through AI-Enabled, Empathetic Care

                  Oma Fertility was founded in 2020 by a team of engineers, AI experts, and fertility specialists who believe that combining AI and robotics in the lab and human-centered care in the clinic will make parenthood possible for more people.

                  Femtech Insider
                  by Femtech insider
                  • Jun 20, 2022
                  • 3 min read

                    Oma Fertility Leverages AI with a Goal of Improving In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Success Rates and Lowering Costs, Setting a New Standard for Fertility Care

                    Exclusive AI-assisted processes in the lab have a goal of improving IVF outcomes and dramatically reducing costs

                    O Logo Black
                    by Oma Fertility
                    • Jun 14, 2022
                    • 3 min read

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