Guide for lesbian couples to become moms

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Guide for lesbian couples to become moms

We are proud to offer lesbian couples and single women to build their family.

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Fertility options for lesbian couples to become moms

  • Sperm donation

    Sperm donation is a great option for cases of male factor infertility where the sperm is unable to fertilize healthy eggs

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    In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a process where eggs and sperm are combined outside of the uterus to create fertilized embryos.

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  • Embryo transfer

    If you have many high-quality embryos available after an implantation attempt, you have the option to freeze them.

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How to get started?

The first step in your journey can be the hardest. But fertility treatments shouldn’t be complicated, and neither should getting started. Discover your treatment options in a few simple steps

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    Connect with a Care Coordinator

    One of our dedicated Care Coordinators will reach out to you to learn more about you and your fertility goals. They will work with your schedule to book a video consultation with our fertility doctor.

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    Speak to our Fertility Expert

    In a video call with our fertility doctor, you’ll discuss the specific care plan created to address your unique goals and health history.

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    Begin Treatment

    Your Care Coordinator will follow-up with you on your discussion with our fertility doctor. Then, we’ll give you detailed financial information on your care plan. If you choose Oma Fertility for your journey to have a baby, the Coordinator will book you for your first in-office appointment so you can start your treatment.

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