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The Benefits of Fertility Tracking Apps

Fertility Tracking App

Fertility tracker apps are becoming increasingly popular among women trying to conceive. Using a fertility tracker can help you better understand your menstrual cycle, which plays an important role in your fertility journey. Keep reading to learn about the different types of fertility apps and which one is best for you.

How fertility tracking apps work

Fertility tracking apps use a range of data to predict fertility, particularly your ovulation cycle. When used in conjunction with a fertility treatment plan, these apps can be helpful and convenient. Alternatively, these ovulation calculators can also be used as a standalone method of natural family planning. Here are the most common types of fertility tracking apps available today:

  • Period trackers: A period tracking app predicts your next period based on dates you manually input. Oftentimes you can also add other symptoms or indicators that the app uses to determine your likely future period days.

  • Ovulation calculators: Many period trackers also add in ovulation calculators. The most basic ones simply predict your fertility window based on the length of your cycle. Others incorporate basal temperature tracking or hormone tests to give a stronger prediction of your most fertile days each month.

  • Pregnancy planners: Using a comprehensive pregnancy planning app can help you navigate the ups and downs of fertility. By identifying the timing of your ovulation cycle, you'll know the best time to either have intercourse with your partner or schedule fertility treatment to maximize your chances of getting pregnant.

The benefits of fertility tracking apps

Fertility tracking apps are a huge resource for women who want to better understand their fertility and make informed decisions about their reproductive health. Instead of having to track cycle symptoms with pen and paper, you'll get convenient prompts that lead to consistent (and therefore more accurate) data. You can use fertility tracking apps both when trying to achieve pregnancy or trying to avoid it. And the longer you track your cycle traits, the better analysis you have to work with when you're ready to switch from one goal to the other. Not only does a fertility tracking app help increase awareness around fertility and menstrual cycle patterns, it also has the ability to identify potential fertility issues. For couples who have trouble conceiving naturally, having all that data from your mobile device can help your fertility specialist get an idea of what symptoms you're experiencing. As a result, you may get a more customized care plan thanks to all of that extra information. 

Choosing the right fertility tracking app

With so many options available, here are some ideas to pick the best fertility tracking app for you.

  • User reviews: In addition to looking at the star-rating, scroll through some popular comments to get a sense of the pros and cons associated with each app.

  • Data accuracy: Get a sense of how accurate the data is going to be. Read about the technology behind the app to learn how specific its estimates are.

  • Intended use: Different apps offer different features. Find the one that best suits your personal goals.

Other considerations

If you already have a fertility plan in place, consult with a healthcare professional. Fertility tracking apps should not be used as a replacement for medical advice and treatment. Additionally, be wary of using a fertility app as your sole source of birth control, particularly without viewing accuracy rates. It's also smart to talk to a medical professional to create a comprehensive family plan, whatever your goals may be.


Fertility tracking apps make it easy and convenient to monitor your menstrual cycle in order to help you reach your fertility goals. If you notice inconsistency in your ovulation cycle and are having trouble conceiving, it may be time to seek professional help. Oma Fertility Clinic can help uncover what your health data is really trying to tell you, and use that information to create customized fertility plan. 

Last Updated: Feb 8, 2023 12:00 AM

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