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Make someone’s miracle possible

1 in 8 people struggle to conceive. Are you their missing link?

Donate your eggs to Oma’s hopeful parents-to-be and be compensated for your time and effort.

Donating with Oma

Compensation between $6,000-$12,000.
No out-of-pocket costs to you at any part of the process.
Your dedicated care advocate will guide you through every step.
The top level of care throughout your screenings, lab work, monitoring, and egg retrieval.
A legal contract that defines and protects your rights and anonymity.
Screening and lab test results that can inform your own medical and fertility decisions in the future.
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How does the egg donor process work at Oma?

From screening to retrieval, egg donation usually takes 1-2 months. These are the steps the process typically follows.

  • 1
    Thorough screening

    If you pre-qualify based on your application, we’ll reach out for a screening. Requirements include:

    • Age (must be 18-33)
    • Healthy lifestyle, with no history of smoking or drug use
    • No family history of genetic disorders
    • Regular menstrual cycles
    • BMI (Body Mass Index) of less than 30
  • 2
    Get matched and connect with your care advocate
    Once a future parent chooses you to help grow their family, you will enter into a contract to work together (anonymously).
  • 3
    Meet with your clinical team
    Your team will perform lab tests, guide you through every part of the process prior to your egg retrieval, and answer any questions you have.
  • 4
    Cycle synchronization and fertility hormones
    If your eggs won’t be frozen before fertilization, you’ll take birth control to sync your cycle with the recipient’s. Then, you’ll use hormones to stimulate your ovaries. We’ll monitor you throughout the process.
  • 5
    The big day: egg retrieval
    We’ll set up a retrieval day based on your egg development and blood work. This outpatient retrieval typically only takes 30-40 minutes, and most donors go home the same day—no overnight stay.

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