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Become an egg donor

You will help someone start their dream family

You will be compensated between $6k-$12k for your time, patience and effort

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What are we looking for in a donor?

  • Age between 18-33

  • No history of smoking or drug use

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) of less than 30

  • Healthy Lifestyle

  • No genetic diseases in the family

  • Regular menstrual cycles

How does the egg donation work?

  1. 1 Screening

    Once you have filled out the application form, our clinical staff will reach back to you if you pre-qualify. We will further discuss your medical and lifestyle history with you. If everything looks good, congratulations! you are in route to become an egg donor.

  2. 2 Couple and donor matching

    Once the future parent decides to work with you, you will enter into a contract to work together (anonymously). You will incur no cost associated with the egg donation process.

  3. 3 Meeting with our clinical team

    You will meet with our clinical team, who will walk you through all the necessary clinical steps. We will perform all the lab tests and guide you through every steps of process prior to the egg retrieval.

  4. 4 Egg retrieval

    Once all the necessary medication have been taken, our clinic will set up a retrieval day for the eggs. This process typically takes between 30-40 minutes. Recovery depends on individuals but most donors can go back to their home the next day.