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  • Dr. Daniel Rychlik

    Dr. Daniel Rychlik

    Daniel Frank Rychlik, M.D., Inc.
    Fertility Specialist
  • Barry R. Behr

    Barry R. Behr

    PhD, HCLD
    Lab Director
  • Allison Rosenkranz

    Allison Rosenkranz

    BSN, RN, IVF Coordinator & Head of Third Party
  • Betty Hernandez

    Betty Hernandez

    IVF Coordinator
  • Meghan Pele

    Meghan Pele

    Financial Coordinator

The whole team was warm,
welcoming, and helpful.

Dr. Dan makes you feel at ease - he makes sure to listen to your concerns; he doesn't just rush you in and out of the office. Allison and Betty are great and prompt when answering questions or to relieve any anxiety you may have with your calendar or medications. I've also never met an ultrasound tech like Olesya. She explodes with enthusiasm and compassion from your first baseline ultrasound to hearing your baby's heartbeat for the first time. Meghan was a pleasure while discussing all the financials - she was sure to be thorough making sure nothing became a surprise in the end.

Oma patient
  • Aileen Cruz

    Aileen Cruz

    Care Advocate
  • Ginger Huang

    Ginger Huang

    Care Advocate
  • Ria Anabeza

    Ria Anabeza

    Care Advocate
  • Lizeth Barrientos

    Lizeth Barrientos

    Embryology Supervisor
  • Alberto Buenrostro

    Alberto Buenrostro

  • Sarah Everist

    Sarah Everist

    Junior Embryologist
  • Olesya Uzun

    Olesya Uzun

    Ultrasound Technician

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